IC Markets 提供的交易产品和杠杆

ICMarkets 提供的交易产品和杠杆

集成电路市场 精心挑选 :产品范围, 平台, and account types give you access to the most popular and liquid markets across the 地球, 所以 you have 最佳交易机会 24 一天几小时, 7 一周几天.

  • 外汇数组 (外汇) 多于 60 货币对; Applicable leverage 比率 1:500

从我们的标准 MetaTrader 中选择 4/5 没有佣金和最低点差的账户 1.0 点子, 我们的原始点差 MetaTrader 4/5 点差来自的账户 0.0 点子, 或我们的 cTrader 原始点差账户,点差来自 1 点子.

  • 商品 超过 20 产品包括: 农产品, Energy and Metals. 杠杆作用 applied 1:500 . 然而, 一些产品,如玉米, 大豆, 糖, coffee and wheat 杠杆作用 applied 是 1:100

IC Markets 提供黄金和白银兑美元和欧元的交易 (黄金/美元, 极飞 / 美元, XAU / 欧元和 XAG / 欧元). 交易者可以通过快速执行速度获得黄金和白银,无需重新报价. 没有与黄金和白银交易相关的交易台.

  • 股票 拥有超过 120 金融中心的库存产品: 纳斯达克, 纽约证券交易所, ASX. 杠杆作用 applied 1:20 , These products only trade on MT5

杠杆交易高达 1:20 in a Raw Pricing environment with IC Markets’ Stock CFDs on MetaTrader 5 平台. 有过 750 澳大利亚和美国的股票可供选择.

  • 指数 拥有超过 17 popular and most popular indexes. Spreads are very low. 杠杆作用 applied 1:200 ,

与 IC 市场, 您可以交易涵盖指数的指数差价合约 15 主要市场加上布伦特原油, 西德克萨斯中质原油, 和天然气. 我们的指数差价合约可以直接从您的 MetaTrader 交易 4 或 MetaTrader 5 点差开始于的账户 0.5 澳交所的点数 200 索引。此外, 富时差价合约有一分 100 指数.

  • 债券 多于 5 bond products from G7 governments issued. Applicable leverage 比率 1:200

IC Markets 为交易者提供来自世界各地的一系列债券,包括来自 ICE Futures Europe 的债券, 欧洲期货交易所和芝加哥商品交易所 (芝商所). 债券仅在 Metatrader 上可用 4 和 Metatrader 5 在所有固定收益期货产品中具有竞争力的点差。佣金, 融资费用, 差价合约债券期货的价差本身包含股息调整, 直接从基础期货市场定价.

  • 加密货币 (加密货币) : 部署 10 most popular virtual currencies. 杠杆作用 applied 1:5

从微观开始交易加密货币 (0.01) 在受监管的 IC Markets 环境中进行交易. 我们提供范围广泛的加密货币,包括顶级 6 最受欢迎的硬币.

8 评论

  • Maximilian Köhler

    I have been using IC Markets for my forex trades and have been very impressed with their wide range of currency pairs and competitive spreads. The leverage ratios they offer are also very attractive for traders like myself who want to take on more risk. Highly recommend giving IC Markets a try.

  • Vera Kiss

    [P_1] I was drawn to IC Markets for their diverse selection of commodities and am happy to report that the execution and spreads on these trades have been top-notch. The leverage ratios offered for these products is also a major plus.

    • Melissa Hütter

      [R_2] Me too, I have been using IC Markets for stock trading and have been really pleased with the platform and the ability to trade with leverage up to 1:20. The selection of stocks available is also impressive and I’ve had no issues with execution or requotes.

  • Klaus Maurer

    IC Markets is a reliable choice for traders, with a history of over 15 years in the industry and regulatory oversight by the Australian Securities and Investments Commission.

  • Matt Schranz

    I’ve been trading with IC Markets for a few months now and I am very happy with the platform and customer support.

  • Alfred Köhler

    I highly recommend IC Markets for forex traders looking for a reliable and trustworthy broker.

  • Steve Simon

    I’ve found IC Markets to be a great choice for traders looking for a reliable and trustworthy broker with great trading conditions.


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