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    與客戶合作對比外匯點 (喜歡你) 考慮並最終選擇一位外匯代表 (服務). 該服務同樣全面涵蓋了 Compare Forex 不時提供的任何剩餘附屬項目和管理.

    The utilization of this (Site) by any end-client, on any PC, cell phone, tablet, console or other gadget (Device) is dependent upon these Terms and Conditions and Compare Forex’s Privacy Policy just as some other extra terms, conditions, approaches, rules, disclaimers and notification showed by Compare Forex on the Sites (條款和條件).

    By utilizing the Site and through the route and survey the examination tables you recognize and concur that you will, at unsurpassed, stick to Compare Forex’s Terms and Conditions (每隔一段時間就會改變一次).


    – 您可以在我們的網站上訪問該服務,並包含:

    – 不熟悉的交易指南;

    – 外貿經銷商調查;

    – 根據外貿代理或潛在合同區分的相關表 (差價合約) 您通過網站訪問的經銷商;

    – 各種通信階段 (計算現場談話, 電子郵件和電話) 用於傳遞交換數據; 和

    – 其他一些項目, 主管部門, 和元素 (附加服務) 由比較外匯提供或提供給您的有關服務, 包括外部項目或管理.


    該網站計劃為您提供有關外貿商人以及協議差價合約專家的數據 (一起, 經紀人), 指導您並幫助您查看不同經紀人的援助貢獻,並幫助您選擇適合您要求的經紀人.


    我們在網站上提供的服務是免費提供給您的. 牢記這一點, Compare Forex recognizes that it has legally binding associations with the Brokers recorded on the Site and gets installments from those Brokers (counting getting installments from specialist sites (partners) when clients click on the ‘view sitechoices on every correlation page).

    Think about Forex additionally recognizes that:

    some or all of the data displayed on the Site has been provided by Brokers and Compare Forex has not checked such data;

    Think about Forex obtains data physically and doesn’t get refreshed data naturally from any Brokers;

    data on Brokers can be hard to think about and emotional translation is now and then required;

    any assertion you might peruse on the Site is instructive just and are not expected to be articulations of the law, guideline or administrative approach;

    with respect to Australian Brokers, the Site shows costs (remembering costs for spreads and moving expenses) in AUD (Australian dollars);

    as to Brokers outside of Australia, the Site shows costs (remembering costs for spreads and moving expenses) in USD [American dollars];

    Think about Forex Brokers is anything but an enlisted forex supplier or ASIC supplier;

    all data and correlations gave are on the Site are synopses just; 和

    Contrast Forex makes strides with correct mistakes promptly, where such errors are distinguished and brought to Compare Forex’s consideration.


    Exchanging CFD’s or Foreign Exchange items are innately dangerous and may make you endure misfortune.

    Before choosing an agent as well as settling on any choice to exchange CFD’s or Foreign Exchange items, you should audit the significant Broker’s item revelation articulations, make your own enquiries with respect to the appropriateness of any CFD’s or Foreign Exchange items and look for proficient monetary counsel concerning the reasonableness of the item. 還, you should raise any inquiries or worries comparable to a CFD, Foreign Exchange items, Broker or exchange with your expert specialist organization and the Broker.

    To the most extreme degree allowed by law:

    we avoid all guarantees and portrayals with respect to the rightness, exactness, 充分性, fulfillment, cash, dependability, idealness or value of any data or other substance contained on the Sites, or the Service;

    we don’t ensure the precision, idealness as well as culmination of data on any Broker or the nature of the outcomes got from the Site;

    we don’t ensure that the Sites, 或支持站點的服務器, 從投降中解放出來, 感染或其他有害部位, 或將是連續的或無錯誤的; 和

    – 我們也不, 也不是我們的代表, 官員, 酋長, 項目工人或專家, 將負責任何立即, 迂迴, 對任何個人或物質造成重大或其他不幸或傷害, 在任何情況下, 引起 (無論是粗心還是無論如何), 出現關於您的使用, 或無力利用, 網站或服務, 或依賴於我們網站上包含的任何內容或其他數據.

    您同意就任何活動向我們報銷, 風險, 保證, 不幸, 傷害, 繼續, 成本 (計算但不限於合法費用) 由我們忍受或帶來的, 無論是直接還是暗示, 關於:

    – 您違反或不承認任何這些條款和條件;

    – 您的任何描述或保證中的任何中斷或錯誤;

    – 您對網站的使用; 也

    – 您對服務的使用.

    Nothing in these Terms and Conditions is to be perused or applied to bar, confine, adjust or avoid, limiting or changing any condition, 保證, assurance, right or cure inferred by law and which by law can’t be barred, confined or altered.


    We grant you a limited, revocable, non-exclusive, non-assignable, non sub-licensable licence and right to use, access or browse the Sites on any device, and use the Service, strictly in accordance with these Terms and Conditions. 任何違反這些條款和條件的網站或服務的使用都是嚴格禁止的.

    我們保留出於任何目的隨時暫時或永久中斷或禁用對網站或服務的訪問的權利, 包括但不僅限於, 一般維護也, 或更新, 網站. 我們不對您或任何其他人對網站訪問的中斷或終止負責.

    我們授予您限制, revocable, 非選擇性, non-assignable, 不可再許可的許可和使用權, 在任何小工具上訪問或細讀網站, 並使用服務, 嚴格按照這些條款和條件. 任何違反這些條款和條件的網站或服務的使用均受到完全限制.

    我們保持任何必要的權力,以在任何時候出於任何原因暫時或一直阻礙或削弱對網站或服務的准入, 包括但不限於, 一般支持, 或更新, 網站. We won’t be at risk to you or some other individual for interference or end of admittance to the Sites.


    While utilizing the Service, you might decide to give, 轉移, import, send, post, or make open to Compare Forex sure of your, your Customersor other data, information, content or programming (Customer Data). You award us and our outsider suppliers, as relevant, a non-selective permit to utilize, process, access, change, show, duplicate and store Customer Data to offer the Support to you, 包括但不限於將此類信息轉移給我們的外部供應商 (計數經紀人) 並按照我們的隱私政策和這些條款的其他部分中的說明收集和涉及數據.


    有資格進入網站並使用服務, 我們需要您解決並保證您:

    – 成熟了 18 年或更長時間;

    – 目前沒有被拒絕或在任何情況下被限制使用服務;

    – 不是我們業務的競爭者, or are not involving the Service because of reasons that rival our business;

    won’t disregard any of our or some other individual’s privileges, including yet restricted to, licensed innovation freedoms; 和

    you have full power to go into any concurrence with us regarding utilizing the Sites or the Service, including yet not restricted to, consenting to be limited by these Terms and Conditions, and doing as such doesn’t disregard whatever other understanding which you host with some other get-together.


    If it’s not too much trouble, read these Terms and Conditions cautiously prior to utilizing the Site. By utilizing, getting to or perusing the Sites on any gadget, you connote that you have perused, comprehended and consent to be limited by these Terms and Conditions completely notwithstanding some other pertinent laws or guidelines. On the off chance that you don’t consent to any of these Terms and Conditions, kindly don’t utilize the Site.

    When utilizing, 訪問或細讀網站, 或使用服務, 您需要同意所有法律, 決議, 指導方針, 培訓行業和從屬機構代碼, 並按照通常公認的行業慣例和原則行事.


    網站上突出顯示或顯示的任何物質, 包括但不限於, 插圖, 標題, 標誌, 符號, 品牌名稱, 文本, 插圖, 計劃, 相片, 圖片, 聲音, 聲音, 音樂, 視頻, 大綱, 信息集合, 編程和其中包含的所有受保護的創新自由 (我們的實質), 被我們擁有, 我們的子公司, 同謀, 許可人和內容供應商 (總的來說). 您承認並同意:

    – 我們的物質是並且仍然是我們的精選財產, 我們的分支, 同謀, 許可人和內容供應商 (所有的情況都被考慮到了);

    – 您可以根據這些條款和條件訪問我們網站上的內容,並取決於管理許可創新的所有相關法規, 包括但不限於, 版權法 1968 (例如);

    – 您對我們物質的使用是為了個人, educational and non-business purposes just and doesn’t concede you any freedoms comparable to any copyright, 計劃, brand names or other licensed innovation or material privileges connecting with our substance on the Sites; 和

    you won’t adjust, duplicate, copy, disseminate or rearrange, send, show, perform, replicate, distribute, permit, make subordinate works from, 移動, sell or reuse any part of the Sites or our substance without our express composed authorisation.


    The Sites might contain connections to different sites, applications or different items or administrations worked by outsiders (Third Party Sites). We don’t support, screen or have command over, and are not liable for the substance or approaches on any Third Party Sites. We likewise don’t make any guarantees or portrayals with respect to the quality, precision or legality of the substance on any Third Party Sites. Your admittance to any Third Party Sites by means of the Sites is in like manner at your own danger, 我們建議在依賴任何第三方網站上的任何內容之前提出請求.


    我們擁有改變的所有權力, 改變, 隨時添加或刪除這些條款和條件的部分內容,恕不另行通知, 在網站上展示時功能強大. 通過繼續利用, 按照這些條款和條件的任何進展訪問或細讀任何網站, 你的意思是你已經閱讀了, 理解並同意受新條款和條件的限制.


    Assuming that you are aware of or suspect any infringement of these Terms and Conditions, if it’s not too much trouble, contact Admin[@]listbestforexbrokers.com


    Assuming you have any inquiries, remarks or worries about these Terms and Conditions if it’s not too much trouble, reach us by means of email: Admin[@]listbestforexbrokers.com

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