QuantumWave Pro Indicator MT4

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Maximize your Forex trading potential with the QuantumWave Pro Indicator. Formerly known as the TMA CG MTF Button Indicator, this advanced MT4 tool combines Triangular Moving Averages and Center of Gravity indicators for precise buy and sell signals. With customizable features and advanced settings, it’s the ultimate tool for traders seeking success. Upgrade your strategy – get the QuantumWave Pro Indicator now!


Master the Markets with the QuantumWave Pro Indicator for MT4



Step into a new era of Forex trading with the QuantumWave Pro Indicator – the upgraded version of the TMA CG MTF Button Indicator. This advanced MT4 tool seamlessly integrates Triangular Moving Averages (TMA) and Center of Gravity (CG) indicators, delivering precise buy and sell arrow signals to empower traders in making informed decisions.

Optimized Features for Superior Trading:

The QuantumWave Pro Indicator caters to both novice and advanced traders, offering overbought and oversold signals for strategic entry points. Versatile across intraday price charts, daily, weekly, and monthly charts, this indicator adapts to diverse market conditions. Tailor your trading experience by choosing any desired time frame for indicator calculations. The addition of a convenient button allows for easy enabling or disabling of indicator lines on the chart.

Advanced Indicator Settings:

QuantumWave Pro Indicator MT4

Customize your trading experience with the QuantumWave Pro Indicator using intuitive settings:

  • TimeFrame, HalfLength, Price, Deviations, Interpolate, ShowTMA, CalcArrows: Inputs for indicator calculation.
  • AlertsOnHiLo, SIGNALBAR, AlertsMesssage, AlertsSound, AlertsEmail, AlertsMobile, SoundFile: Alerts settings.
  • Button_note!, btn_corner, btn_text, btn_Font, btn_FontSize, btn_text_ON_color, btn_background_color, btn_border_color, button_x, button_y, button_Width, btn_Height: Button settings.

Trading Signals Decoded:

QuantumWave Pro Indicator MT4

The QuantumWave Pro Indicator unveils a dynamic display of a red upper band and lower band, complemented by green and blue arrows. Strategically enter and exit the markets based on arrow direction for optimal trading outcomes. In bullish conditions, enter upon an UP arrow with a stop loss below the previous swing low. Exit at the appearance of an opposite signal for optimal profit booking. Similarly, utilize down arrow signals for well-timed sell positions.

Multi-Time Frame Advantage:

Enhance your market understanding by applying the QuantumWave Pro Indicator on the current chart while utilizing a higher time frame for indicator calculations. This sophisticated strategy provides a comprehensive view of market dynamics, empowering traders to implement multi-time frame trading strategies for increased success.


In summary, the QuantumWave Pro Indicator is an unparalleled tool for identifying overbought and oversold conditions, delivering superior reversal signals for Forex traders. Elevate your trading strategy and harness the power of the QuantumWave Pro Indicator – your key to mastering the Forex markets.

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