QuantumTrend Pro Indicator MT4

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Enhance your trading strategy with QuantumTrend Pro – the advanced MT4 indicator surpassing the 4 Level ZZ Semafor Alert. Identify trend reversals and continuations effortlessly with customizable settings for personalized precision. Simplify your trading journey – upgrade to QuantumTrend Pro and unlock a new level of chart-friendly, beginner-friendly trading. Upgrade now!


Unleash Precision Trading with the QuantumTrend Pro Indicator for MT4

QuantumTrend Pro Indicator MT4


Redefining Trading Dynamics with QuantumTrend Pro

Step into the future of Forex trading with the QuantumTrend Pro Indicator for MT4 – an evolution beyond the traditional 4 Level ZZ Semafor Alert. Uncover trend reversals and continuations effortlessly, guided by a sophisticated zigzag pattern that elevates your trading precision.

QuantumTrend Pro: The Innovation You Need

QuantumTrend Pro Indicator MT4

QuantumTrend Pro isn’t just an indicator; it’s a comprehensive tool for identifying trend reversals and continuations. The zigzag pattern showcases various semafor points, each representing a pivotal zone in the price movement. The fourth level, indicated in a dynamic color, signals a robust reversal zone for traders seeking strategic buying or selling opportunities.

Trade Mastery with QuantumTrend Pro: A Visual Guide

Explore the trend analysis of QuantumTrend Pro on the EUR/USD chart in the H4 timeframe. The indicator’s simplicity stands out – watch for the fourth semafor point turning red to identify potential trend reversal zones. Use this signal in conjunction with price action or technical indicators for precise entry and exit points.

Customizing Your Edge: QuantumTrend Pro Indicator Settings

QuantumTrend Pro Indicator MT4

QuantumTrend Pro Indicator puts customization in your hands with a range of settings, allowing you to tailor the indicator to your trading preferences:

  • deltaInPips: Adjust the distance between semafor points and candlesticks.
  • period1, period2, period3, period4: Fine-tune the periods for different semafor levels.
  • dev_step_1, dev_step_2, dev_step_3, dev_step_4: Set the deviation periods for each semafor level.
  • symbol_1_size, symbol_2_size, symbol_3_size, symbol_4_size: Define symbols for each semafor level.
  • alertsOn, alertsOnCurrent, alertsMessage, alertSound, alertsEmail: Enable or disable alert systems based on your preferences.


QuantumTrend Pro – Your Chart-Friendly Ally

Bid farewell to complexity and welcome the simplicity of QuantumTrend Pro. This beginner-friendly indicator effortlessly provides trend reversal and continuation signals, empowering traders of all levels. Elevate your trading game – make QuantumTrend Pro your go-to choice for precision and profitability.

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