ProTrend Harmony Indicator MT4

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“Enhance your forex trading prowess with the ProTrend Harmony Indicator for MT4. This state-of-the-art tool seamlessly merges WPR and MA for precise trend signals, eliminating noise and maximizing profitability. Whether you’re a beginner or an expert, our user-friendly interface ensures a seamless trading experience. Adapt to various timeframes and customize settings for a personalized trading journey. Transform your strategy and unlock the potential for greater profits with the ProTrend Harmony Indicator today!”


Maximize Your Forex Profits with Precision: Introducing the ProTrend Harmony Indicator for MT4

Unleash the Power of Seamless Trend Analysis for Smarter Trading Decisions



Embark on a new era of forex trading proficiency with the ProTrend Harmony Indicator for MT4. This cutting-edge tool integrates William’s Percentage Range (WPR) and Moving Averages (MA) to provide traders with unparalleled precision in identifying optimal trend directions. Bid farewell to noisy signals and embrace a seamless trading experience designed to maximize your profits.

Key Features:

  1. Precision Algorithm Fusion: Experience the synergy of a refined algorithm that effortlessly merges WPR and MA, ensuring stable and lucrative buy and sell signals. The ProTrend Harmony Indicator introduces a new standard of clarity, eliminating unnecessary noise from your trading signals.
  2. Intuitive User Interface: Whether you’re a novice trader or an industry veteran, our indicator boasts an intuitive interface. Beginners can swiftly grasp trend signals, while advanced traders can seamlessly integrate the tool into their sophisticated strategies.
  3. Adaptability Across Timeframes: From intraday trading to long-term investment strategies, the ProTrend Harmony Indicator adapts to diverse timeframes. Tailor your trading approach to your preferences and style, catering to every trader except the fastest-paced scalpers.

Indicator Settings:

ProTrend Harmony Indicator MT4

  • WPR_Period:
  • Trend_MA_Period:
  • MA_Start:
  • MA_Step:
  • MA_Count:
  • MA_Mode:

Customize these settings for personalized moving average and William’s percentage range calculations. The ‘Limit’ feature allows you to control the number of historical bars, ensuring accurate and relevant indicator calculations.

Trading Signals:

ProTrend Harmony Indicator MT4

The ProTrend Harmony Indicator showcases a distinctive histogram in a dedicated window. Bullish trends are indicated by bars above the ZERO line, while bearish trends are highlighted by bars below. Craft your trading strategy based on the ZERO line and the positioning of the histogram bars.

  • Bullish Signals: Enter the market confidently with a buy trade when histogram bars appear above the ZERO line. Safeguard your position with a stop loss set below the previous swing low. Maintain your position until the histogram bars transition to the opposite side.
  • Bearish Signals: In bearish conditions, consider initiating sell positions when histogram bars manifest below the ZERO line.


In summary, the ProTrend Harmony Indicator for MT4 is your gateway to profitable and exhilarating forex trend following. Elevate your trading endeavors with a tool crafted to enhance precision and amplify your success.

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