FXZoneMaster Indicator MT5

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Elevate your Forex trading game with the FXZoneMaster Indicator for MT5 – your go-to tool for identifying supply and demand zones with precision. Formerly known as SupDem, this indicator offers a user-friendly experience, providing BUY and SELL signals based on robust analysis. Customize settings, monitor weak zones, and enjoy the versatility of timeframes for both short and long-term strategies. Download for free and unlock a world of trading opportunities with FXZoneMaster. Simple, powerful, and accessible to all Forex traders. Upgrade your strategy – download now!


Introducing the FXZoneMaster Indicator for MT5 – Your Ultimate Forex Trading Companion

Unlock the potential for profitable trades with the FXZoneMaster Indicator for MT5, formerly known as SupDem. This cutting-edge indicator provides a comprehensive analysis of supply and demand zones, guiding traders to make informed decisions in the dynamic world of Forex.

Key Features:

SupDem Indicator

  1. Supply and Demand Zones:
    • Easily identify support and resistance levels with color-coded zones.
    • Recognize potential trend reversals for optimal entry and exit points.
  2. Trend Indicator:
    • Visualize the overall market trend with intuitive arrow and line indicators.
    • Red lines and a down arrow indicate a downward trend, while green lines and an up arrow signify an upward trend.
  3. Versatility in Timeframes:
    • Suitable for both short-term and long-term trading strategies.
    • Adaptable to various timeframes for a comprehensive market analysis.
  4. Customizable Settings:
    • Tailor the indicator to your preferences with a range of adjustable parameters.
    • Fine-tune settings such as zone display options, fractal factors, line width, and more.

How to Use FXZoneMaster:

  1. Identify Reversals:
    • Green zones indicate potential resistance, prompting short positions.
    • Red zones suggest potential support, signaling favorable conditions for long positions.
  2. Monitor Weak Zones:
    • Stay vigilant for weaker supply and demand zones displayed in distinct colors.
    • Enter positions based on price action continuation in the direction of these weak zones.
  3. Indicator Settings:
    • Configure Back Limit, Zone Fuzzfactor, Fractal factors, and other settings to match your trading style.
    • Adjust text size, font, and color preferences for a personalized trading experience.FXZoneMaster Indicator MT5

Installation and Accessibility:

  • Easily install the FXZoneMaster Indicator for MT5 to reveal all supply and demand zones on your chart.
  • Customize settings to enhance efficiency and clarity, ensuring a user-friendly experience.


The FXZoneMaster Indicator for MT5 is a robust tool for traders seeking precision in their Forex strategies. With its ability to generate BUY and SELL signals through supply and demand analysis, this indicator empowers traders with valuable insights. Best of all, it’s free to download, making it an indispensable asset for traders of all levels.

Enhance your trading journey with FXZoneMaster – where simplicity meets power in Forex trading. Download now and elevate your trading game

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