WaveCraft Pro Indicator MT4

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“Supercharge your forex trading with WaveCraft Pro, the next-gen indicator for MT4. Identify failed highs and lows, unleash entry opportunities, and master risk management. Elevate your trading strategy today!”


Unleash Trading Opportunities with WaveCraft Pro: Your Ultimate MT4 Companion

WaveCraft Pro Indicator MT4

Introducing WaveCraft Pro, the advanced successor to the traditional Post Zigzag Indicator for MT4. This innovative tool revolutionizes your forex trading experience by identifying failed higher highs and lower lows, unveiling hidden support and resistance zones, and providing traders with multiple entry opportunities.

Understanding WaveCraft Pro:

  1. Zigzag Wave Plotting:
    • Precision in plotting previous highs and lows in a dynamic zigzag wave.
    • Recalculates with each new higher high or lower low, unlocking numerous trading possibilities.
  2. Adaptability for Traders:
    • User-friendly for beginners while catering to the nuanced needs of advanced traders.
    • Essential for those grasping the recalculating nature of Zigzag.

Indicator Configuration Highlights:

WaveCraft Pro Indicator MT4

  • ExtDepth, ExtDeviation, ExtBackstep:
    • Customizable settings for fine-tuning Zigzag calculations to your trading preferences.

Trading Signals and Strategies:

WaveCraft Pro Indicator MT4

  • Visual Cues:
    • Red zigzag lines and blue/yellow vertical lines highlight failed higher highs and lower lows.
    • Entry signals strategically positioned to capitalize on market movements.
  • Risk Management:
    • Execute trades at failed highs/lows with minimized risk.
    • Optimize entries and exits as the indicator recalculates, maximizing profit potential.
  • Support and Resistance Insights:
    • Failed highs/lows often transform into robust support and resistance levels.
    • Dynamic identification of entry points based on these pivotal zones.

Unlock the Power of WaveCraft Pro:

  • Versatile Application:
    • Ideal for traders relying on Zigzag for market analysis.
    • Navigate various market conditions with confidence and precision.


In summary, WaveCraft Pro elevates your Zigzag-based trading strategy by pinpointing multiple entry opportunities, managing risks, and revealing hidden support/resistance levels. Upgrade your MT4 toolkit and transform the way you navigate the forex market.

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