TrendSync Elite Indicator MT5

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Elevate your Forex trading game with the TrendSync Elite Indicator for MT5. Formerly known as the Zero Lag Smoothed Cycle 02 Indicator, this cutting-edge tool eliminates lag, providing precise bullish and bearish signals. Fine-tuned for optimal performance, its dual-line indicator window and advanced filtering techniques give you a decisive edge in the market. Upgrade your trading strategy with the future of lag-free signals – TrendSync Elite.


Revolutionize Your Forex Trading with the TrendSync Elite Indicator for MT5

Experience the Future of Lag-Free Trading Signals

TrendSync Elite Indicator MT5TrendSync Elite Indicator MT5


In the dynamic world of Forex trading, staying ahead of the curve is essential. Say goodbye to lag and hello to precision with the TrendSync Elite Indicator for MT5. This cutting-edge indicator combines innovative technology with advanced filtering techniques to deliver real-time bullish and bearish signals, revolutionizing your trading experience.

Unveiling TrendSync Elite:

Formerly known as the Zero Lag Smoothed Cycle 02 Indicator, the TrendSync Elite Indicator for MT5 is designed to eliminate lag and provide you with a decisive edge in the Forex market. Its unique features include a dual-line indicator window, offering a clear visual representation of trend directions without delay.

Indicator Settings:

TrendSync Elite Indicator MT5

For optimal clarity, we’ve fine-tuned the indicator settings to enhance your understanding:

  • Bars: 1000 (Number of history bars for indicator calculation)
  • LRPeriod: 50
  • NumberLinRegs[1..3]: 1 (Linear regression period cycle)

Trading Signals:

TrendSync Elite Indicator MT5

The TrendSync Elite Indicator draws two distinctive lines – a vibrant yellow indicator line and a bold red line – after meticulous filtering and smoothing. Your key to successful trading lies in entering the market when these two indicator lines intersect. Confirm these signals with price action for enhanced accuracy.

Bullish Signal:

When the yellow line crosses above the red line, seize the opportunity for a bullish trade. Set a stop loss below the previous swing low and establish a profit target as the smoothed indicator line reaches its peak.

Bearish Signal:

Conversely, a downward cross of the yellow line from the red line triggers a sell signal. Customize the indicator inputs based on your preferred time frames – higher values for longer time frames and lower values for shorter time frames.


Experience Forex trading like never before with the TrendSync Elite Indicator for MT5. Its unparalleled ability to closely track market prices ensures you receive high-quality trading signals. Equip yourself with the future of lag-free trading and elevate your trading strategy today.

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