TickMaster Pro Indicator MT4

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Elevate your forex trading with TickMaster Pro – the ultimate indicator for MT4. Engineered to perfection, TickMaster Pro replaces the Show n Ticks Indicator, offering advanced features and precise signals for strategic market entries and exits. Adapt to any trading style, from scalping to long-term strategies, and enjoy the flexibility of customizable settings. With white up arrows signaling bullish trends and red down arrows for bearish trends, this indicator ensures clarity in decision-making. Take control of your trades with the adjustable GapVal parameter, fine-tuning tick calculations for tailored trading experiences. Upgrade your trading toolkit today and experience the unmatched precision of TickMaster Pro. Your journey to mastering the forex market begins here.


Introducing TickMaster Pro: Your Ultimate Forex Trading Companion

Elevate Your Trading Game with this indicator – The Next Generation Price-Based Indicator for MT4



Discover the power of precision trading with TickMaster Pro, the upgraded version of the renowned Show n Ticks Indicator. Engineered for both novice and experienced forex traders, this indicator is a cutting-edge price-based indicator that revolutionizes how you approach the market.

Unleashing Trading Potential

Unlock a new realm of possibilities with TickMaster Pro’s advanced algorithm, which generates buy and sell signals based on customizable tick movements. Gone are the days of waiting for market duration – this indicator acts swiftly, providing you with timely signals for strategic market entry and exit points.

Tailored Trading Strategies for Every Time Frame

Whether you’re a scalper, intraday trader, or prefer a short or long-term approach, this indicator adapts seamlessly to all chart time frames. Experience unparalleled flexibility in your trading journey, as TickMaster Pro empowers you to make informed decisions across various time horizons.

Precision Trading Signals for Informed Decision-Making

TickMaster Pro Indicator MT4

Witness the clarity of trading signals as TickMaster Pro plots white up arrows for bullish trends and red down arrows for bearish trends. The newly optimized algorithm ensures precision by calculating ticks as specified in the input settings. Enter the market confidently in the direction of the arrow signal, manage risk with strategic stop-loss placement, and secure profits at the opportune moment.

Customizable Indicator Settings for Personalized Trading

TickMaster Pro Indicator MT4

Tailor TickMaster Pro to suit your trading style with adjustable settings. The GapVal parameter allows you to fine-tune the minimum value of ticks for indicator calculations, offering you control over the frequency of trading signals. Opt for a higher GapVal for fewer signals or a lower one for more active trading.


In conclusion, TickMaster Pro stands as an indispensable tool for traders employing price-based forex strategies. Elevate your trading experience, harness the power of precision signals, and make informed decisions with confidence. Make TickMaster Pro your go-to indicator for mastering the forex market.

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