Superior Vertex Signal (SVS) Oscillator

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Elevate your MT4 trading with the SVS Oscillator. Designed to precisely identify trends, overbought/oversold zones, and trend reversals, this technical tool offers clear, histogram-based visuals. Crafted by expert Igor Somov, the SVS Oscillator is essential for traders seeking a cutting-edge solution for market momentum analysis. Suitable for both beginners and seasoned traders. Upgrade your trading arsenal today!


Superior Vertex Signal (SVS) Oscillator: Boost Your MT4 Trades by Recognizing Trends, Overbought/Oversold Scenarios & Trend Shifts


Superior Vertex Signal (SVS) Oscillator

Introduction to the Superior Vertex Signal (SVS) Oscillator

Designed as an advanced trading solution, the Superior Vertex Signal (SVS) Oscillator offers traders an edge by evaluating the market price’s position between two recent pivotal values. This innovative tool, crafted by Igor Somov and unveiled on the MQL5 forum back in 2014, gauges the vigor of a market trend.

SVS Oscillator Formula:

SVS Oscillator=(Previous Higher High–Current Price)–(Previous Lower Low–Current Price)

Represented as a visually intuitive histogram on your MT4 charts, the SVS Oscillator furnishes traders with a clear interpretation of market momentum. A positive histogram suggests the price is leaning more towards the previous high – signifying a robust upward trend. Conversely, a negative histogram indicates a tilt towards the previous low, depicting a weakening or downward trend.

SVS Oscillator Config

Superior Vertex Signal (SVS) Oscillator

Period: Input the indicator period value.

Harness the Power of SVS Oscillator on MT4

1. Overbought/Oversold Market Identification: Utilize the SVS Oscillator to understand when a market might be stretching its limits. A histogram that rises above a designated level on the positive vertical axis implies an overbought market. On the flip side, when the histogram descends beneath the zero line to a specific threshold on the negative axis, it screams of an oversold market scenario.

2. Pinpointing Trend Reversals: Spotting a trend reversal early can be a game-changer. Be alert for:

  • A positive crossover: As the SVS Oscillator transits above the zero line from a negative position, it heralds the commencement of a budding uptrend.
  • A negative crossover: A downward trajectory of the oscillator passing below the zero line from a positive stance foretells the onset of a potential downtrend.

Superior Vertex Signal (SVS) Oscillator

In Summary

The Superior Vertex Signal (SVS) Oscillator is more than just a histogram on your MT4 chart. Its unique ability to identify trend reversals, coupled with its prowess in marking overbought and oversold market phases, makes it an indispensable tool for every MT4 trader aiming for precision and efficiency. Equip yourself with the SVS Oscillator and elevate your trading strategies today.

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