OptiWave Pro Indicator MT5

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Discover the OptiWave Pro Indicator – Your Key to Precision Forex Trading! Formerly known as the MTF ZigZag Indicator, this advanced tool enhances your market analysis with precision. Identify key price zones, support/resistance levels, and draw trend lines effortlessly. With customizable settings and visual signals, the OptiWave Pro Indicator is your go-to solution for informed decision-making. Elevate your trading journey – download now!


Introducing the OptiWave Pro Indicator for Forex Trading:

OptiWave Pro Indicator MT5OptiWave Pro Indicator MT5

Unlock the power of precision in your Forex trading with the OptiWave Pro Indicator, a cutting-edge technical analysis tool designed to enhance your market analysis and decision-making. Formerly known as the MTF ZigZag Indicator, this optimized and commercially advanced indicator brings a new level of accuracy to identifying crucial price zones, support and resistance levels, and trend lines.

1. Overview:

The OptiWave Pro Indicator is a sophisticated technical analysis tool that meticulously analyzes price behavior and strategically marks selling and growth waves with precision. In the dynamic and high-volume environment of Forex trading, this indicator serves as a reliable filter, distinguishing true price movements from market noise. Its visual representation as a continuous line connecting key extreme points simplifies complex market dynamics for traders.

2. Key Features:

  • ExtDeviation: Customize sensitivity (set in %) to the indicator’s filters, aiding in the identification of trend reversals.
  • ExtDepth: Choose the number of candlesticks above which the indicator searches for recognized patterns, enhancing pattern recognition.
  • ExtBackstep: Select the number of candlesticks above which the indicator searches for extremes opposite to the current trend, improving trend analysis.OptiWave Pro Indicator MT5

3. Practical Applications: The OptiWave Pro Indicator is a versatile tool for Forex traders, offering valuable insights in various scenarios, including:

  • Determining Support and Resistance Levels: Identify key price zones where significant market activity has occurred, aiding in strategic decision-making.
  • Constructing Trend Lines: Automatically mark highs and lows to facilitate manual drawing of trend lines, essential for trend analysis and trading.
  • Plotting Fibonacci Levels: Utilize sell-off and rally waves to apply Fibonacci extensions accurately, enhancing the effectiveness of Fibonacci level analysis.OptiWave Pro Indicator MT5

4. How to Use: While the OptiWave Pro Indicator does not provide entry points, its visual signals and customizable settings make it valuable for traders in:

  • Fine-Tuning Indicator Settings: Spend time selecting settings that align with your trading preferences and objectives.
  • Enhancing Support and Resistance Analysis: Improve the reliability of support and resistance levels by considering the frequency of price reactions and prioritizing time frames.
  • Automating Trend Line Drawing: Simplify the process of drawing trend lines by utilizing the AutoTrendLines indicator, streamlining trend analysis.OptiWave Pro Indicator MT5

Download the OptiWave Pro Indicator today and experience the next level of precision in your Forex trading journey. Elevate your analysis, make informed decisions, and stay ahead of market trends with this optimized and advanced trading tool.


In conclusion, the OptiWave Pro Indicator emerges as a game-changer in the world of Forex trading, offering traders an unparalleled level of precision and insight. Its ability to filter out market noise, identify crucial price zones, and facilitate trend analysis makes it an indispensable tool for both novice and experienced traders. By leveraging its advanced features, such as ExtDeviation, ExtDepth, and ExtBackstep, traders can fine-tune their strategies and make informed decisions in the dynamic Forex market. Download the OptiWave Pro Indicator today and take your trading experience to new heights.

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