How Much Leverage Does Exness Give In 2022?

Everything about leverage and margin requirements With Exness ?

Exness Levrage Review

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Leverage is the ability for the trader to work with a higher amount of funds even though he only has a small deposit. It is expressed as a ratio of the trader’s own funds to borrowed funds, e.g. 1:200, 1:2000, and 1:Unlimited.

It depends on your account equity and other factors outlined below how much leverage you can use.

Exness Unlimited leverage

You can trade with unlimited leverage on our Standard, Standard Cent, Standard Plus, Pro, Raw Spread and Zero accounts, allowing you to open bigger positions and try out different strategies.

As Unlimited Leverage carries higher risks and may result in greater capital loss, it is more suitable for experienced traders. To offer Unlimited Leverage, Exness has the following prerequisites and conditions:

  • There must be an equity of less than USD 1000 in the trading account.
  • They must have closed at least 10 positions (excluding pending orders) and 5 lots (or 500 cent lots) across all real accounts in your Personal Area.
In your Personal Area, you can select Unlimited Leverage. However, this option will not be available until all prerequisites are met.

Exness Leverage requirements

If you select Unlimited Leverage, your maximum available leverage will change when your account equity exceeds a certain amount. Below is a handy table that outlines the levels of leverage requirements, and the amounts of equity required:

EquityMaximum available leverage
USD 0 – 9991:Unlimited
USD 0 – 4 9991:2000
USD 5 000 – 29 9991:1000
USD 30 000 or more1:500

Starting from 27.01.2022, the leverage for BTC, ETHUSD, US30, US500 and USTEC will increase to 1:400.What are the changes?Previously, the leverage for these instruments was 1:200. This will increase to 1:400 from 27.01.2022 onwards.Where can I see the changes?Check out the updated leverage by signing in to the trading terminal.

For financial instruments belonging to Exotic, Crypto, Energies, Stocks and Indices instrument groups, Unlimited Leverage is not available. Margin for these instruments is held in accordance with the instruments' fixed margin requirements and is not affected by Unlimited Leverage.

Exness Dynamic margin requirements

Margin requirements are usually dynamic, which means that they change based on changes in leverage. The greater the leverage, the smaller the margin requirements, and vice versa.

Margin requirements can also fluctuate due to factors such as the publication of important economic news and trading before weekends and holidays.

In these cases, leverage changes automatically:

  • If the equity in your account changes.
  • When important economic news is published.
  • Ahead of the weekend and holidays.
  • A 30-minute period before the daily market break (for gold trading).
  • Follow the link for these Stock announcement dates. Stocks are affected 6 trading hours before and 20 minutes after a company’s financial report is published.
  • When opening an order before the closing of the market or after the opening of the market, margin requirements will be high.

Exness Fixed margin requirements

It’s important to note, though, that margin requirements for some instruments are always higher regardless of leverage level.

These financial instruments include the groups:

  • Exotic
  • Cryptocurrency
  • Energies
  • Stocks
  • Indices

Margin for these instruments is held according to the margin requirements for the instruments and is not affected by Unlimited Leverage.

How to calculate margin In Exness

Whenever you place a trade, it is important to make sure that your account has enough funds in it to carry out the transaction.

Margin requirements that depend on leverage

Margin = Lots x Contract Size / Leverage Size

Let’s take 2 lots of EURUSD as an example, with leverage of 1:2000.

  • Lots: 2
  • Contract size: 100 000 EUR
  • Leverage size: 2000

Margin = 2 x 100 000 / 2 000 = 100 EUR (margin is always calculated in the base currency).


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