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FBS Spreads Review

With FBS company, you can minimize your trading costs and maximize your profits. We get the most accurate and profitable quotes from liquidity providers – so you benefit from the best trading conditions.

The fixed spread is the best option for traders because they always know how much they will pay for a trade.

The floating spread is the spread that changes all time depending on the market conditions and supply-demand issue.

No-spread or 0 pip spread is an option to trade without the spread. Instead, you will pay a commission.

FBS Spread By Account

📊 AccountFees, Spreads & Commissions
📈 Standard Accountfloating spreads from 0.5 pips and commission-free trading.
📉 Cent Accountfloating spreads from 1 pip and commission-free trading.
💰 Micro Accountfixed spreads of 3 pips and commission-free trading.
🏦 Zero Spread Accountfixed spreads of 0.0 pips and commissions of $20 / R 320 ZAR per lot
📈 ECN Accountfloating spreads from -1 pips and commissions from $6.
💳 Crypto AccountCommission on opening positions: 0.05% – floating spread from 1 pip

FBS spread review By Assets

FBS Forex Spread

With regard to FBS forex currency assets, each is much as one would expect from any top broker. One thing to note, however, is that spreads may vary slightly between EU and non-EU global market accounts, as well as leverage.

For a moment, we will compare account types and you will see that the EU Cent Account has a higher spread than the EU Standard Account. This is something to keep in mind, but the cent account is still a great way to learn about forex trading with FBS.


FBS.comStandardCentMicro (Fixed)Zero (Fixed)ECN
EURUSD0. + $20-0.1
USDJPY1. + $300.1
GBPUSD0. + $300.2
EURGBP1. + $300.4

FBS Cryptocurrencies Spread

You can trade cryptocurrency through if you are a global markets trader (non-EU). Crypto trading is also only available through a Standard or Cent account.

Please note that the commissions below are listed on a per lot basis and in your base currency. The spreads on cryptocurrencies are typically higher than many other assets with most brokers due to market volatility.

FBS Indices Spread

FBS Indices trading covers a range of markets, and spreads are typically the same or very similar across each account type where CFDs trading is available. You will also notice that there is a flat commission when trading Indices.


NASDAQ25 +$25/lot25 +$25/lot
FBS.comStandardCentMicro (Fixed)Zero (Fixed)ECN
US50025 +$25/lot25 +$15/lot25 +$25/lot25 +$25/lotn/a
NASDAQ25 +$25/lot25 +$15/lot25 +$25/lot25 +$25/lotn/a

FBS Stocks Spread

FBS stick trading features a selection of globally prominent stocks that can be traded. This type of trading is accessible only by standard or cent accounts.

The commissions noted on stocks are again per lot and charged in your base currency. It is important to remember that spreads and commissions are the same regardless of what stock you are trading.


FBS.comStandardCentMicro (Fixed)Zero (Fixed)ECN
US stocks$3.00$3.00n/an/an/a

FBS Commodities Spread

Metals are available on all accounts with the exception of FBS ECN accounts. Another important point to remember is that spreads during the night might be higher and commissions may be applied to traders using a Zero Spread account to trade metals.

This charge is per lot and in your base currency.

US OIL3.0 +$25/lot3.0 +$25/lot
UK OIL1.0 +$25/lot1.0 +$25/lot
FBScomStandardCentMicro (Fixed)Zero (Fixed)ECN
US OIL2.02.0 +$15/lot2.0 +$25/lot2.0 +$25/lotn/a
UK OIL2.02.0 +$15/lot2.0 +$25/lot2.0 +$25/lotn/a

FBS Spreads FAQs

FBS provides the following types of spreads: Floating, starting at 0.2 pip; Fixed, starting at 3 pip; Trading without spread (fixed spread of 0 pip).

It is the lower price at which the bank buys the currency from you, and the higher price at which it sells it to you. The difference between these two prices is called spread. Spread represents the revenue a bank gets from the foreign exchange operations it conducts for clients.

FBS offers competitive no-commission account types with very low spreads across all of the different account types they offer. This is great for the majority of traders, and there are no requotes at all which is something to look for from a reputable broker.


The overall rating by our experts
Global Rating
9.0/10 90%
9.5/10 95%
Risk Management
7.5/10 75%
09/10 90%
Range of Markets
9.2/10 92%
Trading Platform
9.5/10 95%
Customer Service
09/10 90%
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